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The New Statesman’s 4th annual Cyber Security in Financial Services conference is back to take place on the 23 -24 November 2021.

Whilst we eagerly await a return to live events and networking, the health and wellbeing of all involved must remain our priority, so considering the ongoing developments and concerns around the pandemic, the conference will return in 2021 as a hybrid event.

The pressure is on the financial sector supporting business in the ‘return to normal’ or the ‘new normal’ as well as handling this transition themselves. Banks must remain competitive amid digital transformation and the recent explosion in cyber-crime, not only whilst upholding the strongest information security systems but also while adapting to the impact of the pandemic and Brexit. Additionally, the complications of tight data regulations continue to evolve, as well as the sector opening to challengers. The New Statesman Cyber Security in Financial Services programme will address these challenges, opportunities and more that the sector faces whilst maintaining its cyber resilience.

The conference presents the opportunity to showcase your organisation and engage with influential decision-makers. Attendees can share ideas, innovations, initiatives and take part in virtual chats and private 1-2-1 conversations. There will also be the opportunity to engage with presentations on the main stage, and in Q&As with the speakers and sponsors.

Thought leaders and senior figures will present throughout the day to examine current regulations, key trends, and developments.

Why Attend?

Sponsors / Exhibitors
will have an opportunity to …

  • Virtually network with potential clients and partners in the Exhibition Hall and Networking Area
  • Take part in 1-2-1 meetings - face-to-face time virtually with your target audience
  • Promote your brand as an innovator and thought leader
  • Showcase your product to decision-makers and industry leaders, and encourage delegates to use your services
  • Capture data - with the ability to download a transcript of all live chat conversations.
will have the opportunity to …

  • Ask questions, receive advice
  • Find innovative Fintech services, solutions and insight
  • Take part in dedicated virtual networking opportunities
  • See the latest technology and innovations
  • Hear thought leaders and senior figures share case studies and insight

Delegates will attend from financial institutions including:

  • Retail and commercial banks
  • Investment banks
  • Internet banks
  • Insurance companies

Delegate titles include:

  • CISO
  • Head of IT Security
  • Director of IT/Security
  • Head of Cyber Security
  • Head of Information Security
  • Security Architect
  • Head of Fraud
  • Head of Risk/Compliance
    • Head of Digital Authentication
    • Head of Cyber Intelligence
    • Head of Information Security Transformation
    • Cloud Security Architect
    • VPs

What to Expect?

In light of the Covid-19 global impact, this is the perfect opportunity for you to connect and meet Senior-level delegates from the Financial Services industry including retail, commercial and investment banks, challenger banks and insurance companies, attend virtual keynotes and panels hosted by industry leaders and communicate with international delegates and speakers.

Simply register, login on the day and get ready to connect and learn. With the right network at your fingertips, learning and connecting have never been so easy.

  • No Travelling – reduce your carbon footprint
  • No Expenses – save on accommodation
  • Save time – tailor your schedule around your business needs
  • Borderless – be a part of a global network

For our Delegates:

  • Your questions answered – exclusive interviews, panel discussions and Q&A with our speakers
  • Skip the business suit – live chat with presenters from your home or office
  • Meet the experts – video and 121 messaging with a global community

For our Sponsors:

  • Extend your brand with a dedicated team to build your personalised virtual booth
  • Know your audience – analytics and reporting on your visitors
  • Press Play – HD Live streaming of your presentation broadcast globally
  • Build connections with 121 video messaging and live chat

Your booth just the way you want it and more. Take a quick look at all the new functions your Virtual Booth is capable of.

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2020 Agenda


Second Support


Recorded Future delivers the world’s most advanced security intelligence to disrupt adversaries, empower defenders, and protect organizations. With proactive and predictive intelligence, Recorded Future’s platform provides elite, context-rich, actionable intelligence in real time that’s ready for integration across the security ecosystem. Learn more at recordedfuture.com.


Digital Shadows makes threat intelligence accessible to all organizations by distilling your external exposure down to actionable, validated information your teams can immediately act on reducing your organizational risk. Our flagship solution, SearchLight, scans the most sources across the surface, deep, and dark web for your organizations’ exposed assets or signals that threat actors are targeting your company, delivering validated, risk-scored alerts that your team. Spare your limited resources from doing manually digging and validating of external threat intelligence, get started with Digital Shadows today. Learn more at www.digitalshadows.com.


Devo unlocks the full value of machine data for the most instrumented enterprises. The Devo Data Analytics Platform addresses the explosion in volume of machine data and the crushing demands of algorithms and automation, enabling IT and security teams to realize the transformational promise of machine data. Devo Security Operations is the next-gen SIEM that provides analysts with an integrated workflow that closes the gap between detection and response. Built on top of a scalable data analytics platform, Devo Security Operations combines advanced threat detection, threat investigation, forensic analysis and threat intelligence, all with an entity-based approach.


IntSights is revolutionizing cybersecurity operations with the industry’s only all-in-one external threat protection platform designed to neutralize cyberattacks outside the wire. Our unique cyber reconnaissance capabilities enable continuous monitoring of an enterprise’s external digital profile across the clear, deep, and dark web to identify emerging threats and orchestrate proactive response. Tailored threat intelligence that seamlessly integrates with security infrastructure for dynamic defense has made IntSights one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity companies in the world. IntSights has offices in Amsterdam, Boston, Dallas, New York, Singapore, Tel Aviv, and Tokyo. To learn more, visit: intsights.com or connect with us on LinkedInTwitter, and Facebook.


Fortinet (NASDAQ: FTNT) secures the largest enterprise, service provider, and government organizations around the world. Fortinet empowers our customers with complete visibility and control across the expanding attack surface and the power to take on ever-increasing performance requirements today and into the future. Only the Fortinet Security Fabric platform can address the most critical security challenges and protect data across the entire digital infrastructure, whether in networked, application, multi-cloud or edge environments. Fortinet ranks #1 in the most security appliances shipped worldwide and more than 455,000 customers trust Fortinet to protect their businesses.

Both a technology company and a learning organization, the Fortinet Network Security Expert (NSE) Institute has one of the largest and broadest cybersecurity training programs in the industry. Learn more at http://www.fortinet.com, the Fortinet Blog, or FortiGuard Labs.



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The financial services industry faces promising new business opportunities made possible by the arrival of disruptive technology trends such as network automation and the Internet of Things (IoT). Across all sectors of the industry—from insurance and global banking to market participants and execution venues—digital disruption is giving companies a fresh take on how to stay competitive.

While these technology innovations are creating abundant opportunities in both the front and back office, they also lead to a world of new security vulnerabilities that most businesses are not currently able to combat.

At Juniper Networks, we recognize that financial services institutions like yours sit squarely in the nexus of service providers and Web 2.0 companies. We can help you build an IT infrastructure that delivers the performance and scalability of the largest service providers, with sophisticated, all-pervasive and integrated security designed to foil today’s advanced cybercrime.



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2020 Speakers

Stefano De Blasi

Threat Research Analyst, Digital Shadows

Laurie Clarke

Senior Reporter, Tech Monitor

Jon Cosson

Head of IT & CISO, JM Finn

Per Silberg Hansen


Steve Hill

Managing Director, Global Head of Technology, Cyber and Third-Party Risk, Credit Suisse

Martin Ingram

Product Owner, Identity and Access Management, National Westminster Group

Cristina Lago

Associate Editor, Tech Monitor

Wade Lance

Field CTO, Illusive Networks

Vittorio Maier

Chief Architect and CISO, Vanquis Bank

Ciaran Martin

Former CEO, National Cyber Security Centre

Chi Onwurah

Labour MP for Newcastle upon Tyne Central; Shadow Minister Digital, Science & Technology

Becky Pinkard

CISO, Aldermore Bank

Jürgen Pulm

Chief Digital Information Officer, Wealth Businesses, NatWest Group

Joe Robertson

EMEA CISO – Senior Evangelist, Fortinet

Louise Smith

Chief Digital Officer, Lloyd's

Chris Strand

CCO, Intsights

Ed Ventham

Cyber & FinTech Specialist, Paragon International Insurance Brokers Ltd

Matt Warman

Minister for Digital Infrastructure

Oscar Williams

Senior Journalist - Technology, The New Statesman

Toby Wilmington

Sales Engineer, EMEA at Recorded Future

Marc van Zadelhoff

CEO, Devo

2019 Video Testimonial

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Nadine Placzek - Nadine.Placzek@newstatesman.co.uk

83 Speakers
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